About Me

Hello! My name is Doug. I am going to be going on a year long cinematic and fitness odyssey. On the left is my better half Stephie. She will be partaking, helping and ultimately tolerating my year long quest as I do everything in my power to drive her insane. She probably won’t be posting on here, but she will be regularly sharing the seats with me as we watch an ungodly amount of movies and will certainly be mentioned regularly in the posts.

About Doug:
I am a 30 year old middle school teacher that lives in Massachusetts. I love my job, when I don’t hate it, which fortunately is most of the time. Like many people I have been watching movies my entire life (despite what my students think, I am not 100 years old.) When I was in high school and early in my college years I worked as a clerk at a video store. Remember those? It was great. I got to watch a lot of movies and I’ve been thinking about doing this ever since, but life has always been there with its persistent nagging. So, in 2018, I say screw it. I realized it will never be convenient to do this and if convenience is king then the king is dead.

As far as pairing this off with my goal of running a marathon (and anyone that knows me is reading that with disbelief, to put it mildly) I had some health scares in my family and personally the past few years. I had a back injury that left me in chronic pain for nearly a year and my families gene pool features everything short of plague in the makeup. In short, having turned 30, I no longer feel invincible. I have to take care of myself and do better. So, I will be using this blog to keep myself on track and share my progress in both areas.

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