That’s All Folks! / See You Next Year?

365 days ago I set off on a movie going odyssey that took me through some of the best and some of the worst movies ever made. It was great, but it was also hard. I passed on things I wanted to do because I knew I needed to watch a movie that day. I also utterly failed to complete the second part of my goal which was preparation for running a marathon. It was just too much in terms of time consumption. I could not do both and live my life. I am setting fitness as a goal for next year and will be working toward my secondary goal in the new year. I intend to continue using this blog to track my progress on that goal, but I will be taking a break for the month of January.

It will be weird not structuring my day around watching a movie. It is said that if you do anything for thirty straight days it is a habit. Well it has been 365, so I suspect there will be some withdrawal symptoms. Watching all those movies was a lot of fun. I also learned a lot about time management and self control that will be useful in other areas of my life. In many ways completing this challenge has changed my outlook on a great many things including what is truly valuable in life. There were certainly moments where I though about quitting like when I got accidentally, deliriously, day drunk on beer that was way stronger than I thought it would be and needed help getting into bed. But, I watched a movie while recovering from the hangover. I am very glad that I stuck with it and I feel like I got a lot out of all this. It is always nice to realize that every problem you have is a first world problem and you can kick back and watch a movie.

Hopefully you enjoyed the ride! Happy New Year!


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