Day 239 – Predator 2


Movie Title: Predator 2

First Watch / Repeat Viewing

Running Time: 1 hr. 48 min.

Rated: R

Who did I watch with?: Flying Solo

Where did I watch it?: Home


Predator 2 transfers our friendly neighborhood predator from the jungle to the urban wasteland of future Los Angeles and gives him a lot of new toys to play with along the way. The movie opens with the Predator already on the ground in Los Angeles. He is surveying the local gang wars between each other as well as the police looking for a worthy adversary to hunt. He tests his meddle on the various gangs, but ultimately sets his sights on Lieutenant Mike Harrigan played by Danny Glover. Naturally, Harrigan has a tiff with federal law enforcement. The FBI wants to take over the investigation when Peter Keyes (Gary Busey) shows up. Busey plays an absolutely savage animal and has great chemistry with Glover. They are clearly not just your run of the mill federal agents.

The vision of future Los Angeles is dystopian and stylistically intense. It is highly over the top in terms of violence and other aesthetic choices. The gang members have crazy get ups. They attempt to conduct voodoo rituals to kill rival gang members. Glover gets in touch with his Lethal Weapon roots and does some interesting stunts. There is even a nice turn by Bill Paxton to seal the deal. The police investigation aspect of the movie is also a nice change up on the military aspects of the original.


I hope The Predator coming out next month can be this good. See it.

Tomorrow’s Movie: Johnny English (2003)

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