Day 102 – The Void


Movie Title: The Void

First Watch / Repeat Viewing

Running Time: 1 hr. and 30 min.

Rated: TV-MA

Who did I watch with?: Flying Solo

Where did I watch it?: Home


The Void opens with what at first appears to be a home invasion. A man runs away from the house while a woman is dragged outside and burned alive (with minimal screaming.) After the deed is done a figure draped in a sheet with an upside down triangle on its face is seen observing the proceedings. The man stumbles out of the woods in front of a squad car who promptly takes him to the nearest hospital to seek medical treatments. The hospital is mostly shutdown as it just had a significant fire. Most of the patients were transferred to a nearby hospital and only a skeleton crew is working.

After the arrival of the patient things start to go insane. A nurse loses her mind and stabs a patient to death after cutting off her own face with a pair of scissors. She attempts to assault the officer who is forced to open fire and kill her. Except she doesn’t stay dead. The chief police officer keeps having visions of a starless void and a desolate planet. The cultists show up and surround the hospital as what happens inside descends into bloody madness in Lovecraftian style.


The practical creature effects used in the movie are fantastic and reminiscent of John Carpenter. It gets darker and more interesting as it proceeds. See it.

Tomorrow’s Movie: Rampage (2018)

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