Day 92 – Best F(r)iends


Movie Title: Best F(r)iends

First Watch / Repeat Viewing

Running Time: 1 hr. and 39 min.

Rated: UR

Who did I watch with?: Stephie

Where did I watch it?: Regal Stadium 12 – Swansea, MA


Best F(r)iends is the epic reunion between Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau. The idea for the movie apparently ruminated during a road trip to Las Vegas where Wiseau thought Sestero intended to have him killed. Much like The Room the story behind the movie is probably much more interesting than the movie itself and I hope James Franco hops on it and makes a Best F(r)iends version of The Disaster Artist.

The premise of the movie is that Jon (Greg Sestero) is homeless and a strange mortician (it is never made clear what his profession actually is) named Harvey (Tommy Wiseau) takes him back to his shop to do some work and give him some money. Harvey gets bodies ready for burial by making rubber masks based on celebrities to cover up disfigured faces. He has a bizarre sexual connection to the dead and he mines their fillings for gold and other dental scrap. He is as strange as you might imagine. He has also been at it a long time and has saved up bushels of dental scrap.

Jon immediately sees the con. He starts stealing the gold and selling it off. Then he grows a conscience. He lets Harvey in on the scheme and they make a killing, but Harvey holds onto all the money and won’t let Jon have any of it. He also has some kind of massive debt he is trying to pay off on the sly. Conflict ensues.

The performances are really what make the movie. Wiseau and Sestero have genuinely improved as actors since The Room. But, this isn’t saying much as there was nowhere to go, but up. Their chemistry or lack thereof is fascinating to watch and the bizarre nature of it all would be difficult to capture in words. There are many homages to The Room during the running time which were hilarious. The movie is fairly normal and then the ending dips into a Salvador Dali painting and melts. It is surreal to a massive degree. Be sure to stay after the credits.


If you have seen The Room this is must see. See it.

Tomorrow’s Movie: Evil Dead (2013)

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