Day 88 – Army of Darkness


Movie Title: Army of Darkness

First Watch / Repeat Viewing

Running Time: 1 hr. and 21 min.

Rated: R

Who did I watch with?: Stephie

Where did I watch it?: Home


Army of Darkness opens immediately after the end of Evil Dead II and is the only sequel over the span of the franchises four movies. The movie opens with a recap of Evil Dead II with some idiosyncrasies in continuity from the previous movie.

Ash (Bruce Campbell) is transported back in time to the year 1300 where he is treated as a prisoner of war. He is mistaken for a soldier in a rival faction by a group of oblivious soldiers. He is taken back to Lord Arthur’s castle and thrown into a pit with demons inside of it. The castle’s wise man throws his chainsaw into the pit and he is able to save himself. After a confrontation with the locals he decides to go on a quest to retrieve the Necronomicon and in exchange the wise man will send him back to his time. He screws it up and awakens an army of the dead.

The dialogue and battle scenes are great. Some of the lines are fantastic. My personal favorite being “Alright you primitive screw heads, this is my boom stick.” It is so cheesy and delightful.


Hail to the king baby. See it.

Tomorrow’s Movie: Beetlejuice (1988)

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