Day 59 – Veronica

Movie Title: Veronica

First Watch / Repeat Viewing

Running Time: 1 hr. and 45 min.

Rated: TV-MA

Who did I watch with?: Flying Solo

Where did I watch it?: Home

Special Note:

I am home all week with swine flu, so if these reviews aren’t that great, I apologize.


Veronica is the oldest of four siblings and she is their chief care taker. Her mother works long hours at the local sports bar and is gone when the children come home from school. Veronica gets them ready in the morning, so that she can sleep, and takes care of everything at night, so that she can work. Her father is recently deceased. At school, her classmates go to the roof to view a solar eclipse. Veronica and her friend Rosa sneak into the basement to play with a Ouija board in an attempt to contact Veronica’s dad. Things do not go as planned and something else comes through the board before destroying it.

She seeks help. Strange things begin happening at home. The children are assaulted. Veronica is injured. She talks to her mother who is too busy, she talks too a strange nun at school who is incredibly cryptic, she talks to her (now former) friends and they shun her. So, she turns to her siblings to try and send the demon back. The child performances are great. Ivan Chavero plays the youngest sibling Antonito and does a fantastic job for a child that is so young. The twin sisters played by Bruna Gonzalez and Claudia Pacer do a great job between pretending to be old enough to take care of themselves and being outright helpless and in need of their big sister. The title actress Sandra Escacena does a fantastic job in her debut acting role. There are a few one off performances that are not really needed and don’t really help the plot connect together. They felt more like genre tropes the director felt the need to include i.e. the angry neighbor.

The crew that worked on Veronica did a great job of recreating the 90s. The decorations are great. I love the television that was picked. The music is very catchy even for someone who speaks very little Spanish and is apparently in homage to a very popular early 90s Spanish rock act.


Veronica is not a genre redefining movie. Things make noises and characters go check to see what happened in the dark room where they totally aren’t going to be killed. Lights go out. Crucifixes fall off walls. But, for all that, it is still a pretty good entry into the horror genre. See it.

Tomorrow’s Movie: Tusk (2014)

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