Day 45: Valentine’s Day – Predator

The Predator of my heart!

Movie Title: Predator

First Watch / Repeat Viewing

Running Time: 1 hr. and 47 min.

Rated: R

Who did I watch with?: Stephie

Where did I watch it?: Home


Predator is a classic. So to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Stephie and I watched the greatest story of love and passion ever written. Predator.

Predator is not a perfect movie, but it perfectly exemplifies action movies of the late 80s. Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is given a mission by Dillon (Carl Weathers.) He and his gang of beefy soldiers are to enter the jungle of a nondescript country and recover a wayward diplomat that was shot down after straying over the border. But, all is not as it seems. The crew come across a group of Green Berets that were skinned alive and people of various nationalities that have all met grisly ends. The Predator watches, assesses, and then joins the fray once he analyzes the groups abilities.

The Predator itself is awesome and once the action gets rolling you look forward to the inevitable showdown between Dutch and the Predator. The design of the creature is great even though the camouflage special effects have not held up well. I am looking forward to seeing what The Predator reboot is able to do with the character design later this year. The cast is a great ensemble with everyone fulfilling a role. Particularly great is Jesse Ventura who has some perfectly written lines. Not the least of which is referring to himself as a “sexual dinosaur” for using chewing tobacco. Great advertising. Sonny Landham is also great as the tracker Billy who is delightfully intense and strange.

Like a lot of other movies from this era continuity in filming and continuity in story telling is sometimes dicey. Yes, mud could shield you for awhile if it is cold, but ultimately it is going to dry out and then all of a sudden it will be the same temperature as you are. Only in the 80s can you be shot in the shoulder with a laser weapon, fall into a river, and emerge with a tiny cut. It also suffers from serious over the top action during the guerilla raid. You can’t honestly tell me they know if any hostages were in the guerilla camp because they blew up the bloody camp. If there were hostages, you killed them.


Predator has a great cast, great action, and a great creature. I had never seen all of Predator and that situation is now remedied. See it.

Tomorrow’s Movie: The Ritual (2018)

Today’s Run:

Time: 12:35

Distance: 1 mile

Today will be dicey because of the weather, but I hope to get a run in later.

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