Day 42 – Phantom Thread


Movie Title: Phantom Thread

First Watch / Repeat Viewing

Running Time: 2 hr. and 10 min.

Rated: R

Who did I watch with?: Stephie

Where did I watch it?: AMC 12 – North Dartmouth, MA


Phantom Thread is a slow paced, beautifully costumed, period piece. Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Reynolds Woodcock a world class tailor serving England’s elite. His work is incredible and the team of seamstresses employed in the movie are mostly seamstresses not actors. Woodcock is particular to say the least. He does not appreciate noise at breakfast and discards lovers over how they butter their toast. He is prone to melancholy. He is an egocentric maniac that is obsessed with designing clothes. He makes it very clear to his lovers that they are secondary to his obsessions.

A complicated love triangle (or possibly square) develops from there. Woodcock has serious mommy issues. He has a lock of her hair sewn into his jacket, so that she can always be close to her heart and he pines for her to the point of delusion at certain points in the film. There is also his sister Cyril played by Lesley Manville. Cyril runs his business and discards Woodcock’s lovers after they displease him. She is integral to his life and enables him to live the obsessive compulsive lifestyle that he does. Then Alma (Vicky Krieps) enters the scene. She thinks of Woodcock as a mystery to be solved or an egg to be cracked. She wants to get into his life and this disconcerts Woodcock. This also harms her as he continues to push her away. Ultimately, she hates him and she looks for ways to…improve the relationship.

The relationship then descends into a strange cycle of dependence and resistance that forms a truly dysfunctional relationship. All this leads to a mysterious ending that befits the mysterious people involved in the story. Phantom Thread will surely fair well at the Academy Awards. Daniel Day-Lewis will likely win Best Actor for both this film and as a lifetime achievement award as this film marks his retirement from the screen. I have not seen I, Tonya or Lady Bird yet, but it seems like Lesley Manville has a decent shot at Best Actress in a Supporting Role. The award for costume design would seem to be a lock and a good shot at winning for its original classical score in the music category. It is extraordinarily well put together, but I do not think it has a shot in the best picture or directing categories.


Phantom Thread is a slow paced character drama done very well. It is lovely to look at and strange to watch unfold. See it.

Tomorrow’s Movie: I, Tonya (2017)

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