Day 4: Snow Day! – Insidious: Chapter 3


Movie Title: Insidious: Chapter 3

First Watch / Repeat Viewing

Running Time: 1 hr. and 37 min.

Rated: PG-13

Who did I watch with?: Stephie

Where did I watch it?: Home


Insidious: Chapter 3 is a prequel that takes place a few years before the Lambert haunting featured in Insidious. The story starts with a teenage girl named Quinn Brenner paying a visit to Elise Rainier’s house because she wants to talk with her mom who recently passed away. Elise reaches out to her mother and immediately regrets the decision, sending Quinn away. The next day, Quinn attends an audition for an acting school in New York. Quinn sees a man waving at her on two separate occasions. While leaving the theater Quinn is involved in a severe accident. Quinn’s recovery and subsequent limitations because of the accident make the story around her haunting more compelling.

There are many hints that there is a demon lurking in the shadows, but no one seems to take any of them too seriously. There is an old woman in the building who makes creepy proclamations, but everyone just thinks she is crazy. A bell rings by itself and cracks start appearing in the ceiling accompanied by loud banging noises. Footprints made of blood or tar (it is never really made clear) are found in the vacant apartment above them and despite the obvious creep factor involved, Quinn’s dad brushes it off. Finally, after some bizarre supernatural events, Quinn’s dad finally takes the situation seriously.

The look of the demon was very interesting, but no motivation or explanation for it is provided. For some reason it wants others to suffer and judging by some of the decisions made in the script it has had a lot of victims. The ending is also hokey as hell and could have come straight out of Touched by an Angel.

This movie has significantly more flaws than the previous movies. The movie plods along for nearly an hour before the action really starts to ramp up, which puts it in sharp contrast with the brisk pace of the other two movies. The previous movies took place in single family homes. This one takes place in an apartment building. Despite that, none of the neighbors seem to here the ruckus being raised by malevolent spirits next door. This is not a real apartment complex. Several characters are introduced and their minimal story arcs don’t really go anywhere. The music is extremely spare and that was the best part of the first movie. I also didn’t really need an origin story for Elise Rainier and how she got into the business of helping people that are being haunted. It is also not a particularly great origin story because Elise is revealed to be the cause of all the problems in these movies. I wanted her to be more of a bad ass, but as it turns out if she had stayed home alone and locked the door, none of this would have happened! That’s a real bummer.

Pierce and Laika Review (The Doggos):

For movies that feature a dog, my mutts like to get their own two cents in. Despite the fact that Pierce spent the early portion of the movie begging Zane for lobster bisque and the second half of the movie sleeping and that Laika got some solid sleep in, they have also have an opinion!

Why no bisque? – Pierce

Particularly about Warren, Elise’s reddish golden retriever. They would like to praise him for his helpfulness in demon hunting and human companionship! They would also like to congratulate Warren on his successful judging. We do it when Papa eats ice cream out of the container, but your judging was much more effective. Good job Warren!


See it or skip it. If you’ve seen the others and feel the need to see all the movies in the series go ahead. Just don’t expect anything great. If you haven’t seen the others or don’t feel compelled to see another, skip it.

Tomorrow’s Movie: Insidious: The Last Key (2018)

Today’s Run:

No run today, foot of snow, time to shovel (or call the plow man!)



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